Sports Overview

There is always much to achieve beyond the academics, if we wish to develop a holistic personality and to be a complete human being. It is our personal and professional potential that guides our beliefs that can discover the distant worlds and be a part of the global society. VIS facilitates such occasions and opportunities where the desired environment is provided through interschool matches and other outdoor activities like sports etc. Those add a sense of fun and relaxation on the one hand and promote the talent and personality on the other.

Every student at VIS undergoes a general fitness programme that includes Yoga classes. The skill-set of each student is identified and nurtured, and students are given opportunities to excel, and join the school sports team. Apart from organizing inter-school and inter-house competitions, the school takes part in state and national level sports events. Our students also excel in marching and athletics. The campus has provision for table tennis, badminton, cricket, football and facilities for athletic track events.