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Code of Conduct :

All students are expected to behave in a respectful and orderly manner while at school.

  • If, however, a student become disruptive, the school reserves the right to employ firm discipline.
  • Disobeying directions or commands of teachers, administrators or any other authorized school personnel will not be tolerated.
  • The Student who frequently fails to follow the rules of the school risks losing the opportunity to participate in possible rewards, picnics and excursions or other possible school extra curricular activities and functions.
  • Chronic and persistent misbehaviours such as talking, disturbing classes, copying in tests and exams etc, which disrupt the educational process for other students are considered severe. Parents maybe called to the school and such persistent indiscipline result in suspension for a few days.
  • FIGHTING at the bus stop, on the bus, at school or on the play ground is not permitted.
  • Playing cards or any other gambling devices is not permitted at school.
  • Use of obscene or vulgar words, or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Composing or passing of notes or letters will not be permitted at school or on the school bus.
  • Possession of items that belong to someone else without the person's permission is not permitted.
  • School personnel try to prevent losses, but they are not responsible for students personal property. Large amounts of money or valuables should not be brought to school.
  • The Property of other students or the property of the school shall not be altered, disfigured or damaged. Students will be required to pay for the defaced items in addition to other corrective measures.
  • All kinds of harassments, bullying and calling name are strictly prohibited because these create and intimidating hostile environment.
  • Students are not to bring cell phones, CD Players of any other electronic device, if there is a need, they should get the permission of their class teachers.
  • Any use or possession of tobacco products or liquor or narcotic drugs is not permitted as they are considered as serious offences punishable by summary expulsion.
  • The school does not allow permissiveness in boy-girl relationship. Any boy or girl setting unearthly trends/examples in this regard, not congenial to the academic atmosphere of the school, will be asked to withdraw himself/herself from the school immediately.
  • Attendance in the daily morning assembly, YOGA and games is compulsory for all students.
  • Movements from the class room to the Asssembly hall or out door classes, language classes, library, laboratory sessions etc and back to the class rooms must be orderly and in a single row.
  • Our Non Teaching staffs work very hard to maintain a clean, safe and pleasant school in which, to work, learn and play, Therefore every student must co-operate to maintain a litter-free campus, and desist from damaging the walls, cupboards and furniture.
  • The school phone is a business phone and is to be used only for that purpose. No student will be allowed to use the phone unless given permission by the office personnel.

Attendance Policy:

  • The school recognizes and encourages good and regular attendance.
  • The Principal may grant leave if he/she is convinced that the reasons are sufficient and genuine.
  • Parents are to apply in writing for leave, showing the period for which leave is sought and the reasons.
  • Parents are requested not to take leave to attend social functions and family outings/ get-together. Please plan your outings in such a manner that they do not clash with the school calendar.
  • Whenever possible, leave should be applied for in advance; in case this is not done, the leave letter must be submitted on the first day after the period or absence.
  • If a student is absent for more than 10 working days consecutively without seeking leave, It will be deemed that the student has withdrawn himself / herself from the school. In such a case the name of the child may be removed from the rolls without any notice to the parents.
  • A student will be considered for promotion only if his/her attendance during the academic session is 75%. Excessive absence from school may become a reason for a student to repeat the present class.


  • Arriving to school on time is part of learning a sense of responsibility.
  • Medical appoinments for students should be, as far as possible, taken only out of class hours. Children coming late because of medical appoinments will be allowed to attend class only on production of the appoinment slip or a note from the doctor.
  • The last period of the day is just as important as the first. Leaving school early without permission is strictly prohibited. Students are NOT permitted to leave the school campus for any reason after arriving at school unless accompained by a parent or guardian.
  • If a student is to be withdrawn during the working hours, it must be with the knowledge and approval of the principal and the class teacher concerned. Parents should send a written application for such exit giving the identity and signature of the person taking the child.

Academic work and assignments

  • Homework will be assigned on a regular basis.
  • Students should note down all their assignments given on a particular day in his/her school diary. It is mandatory that every students brings his/her school diary to the school everyday.
  • All assignments will be meaningful with the aim to provide reinforcement and enrichment to the students.
  • All assignments and homework must be submitted punctually. Students are free to approach their subject teachers for academic help whenever they are free, within school hours.
  • However they are strictly prohibited from engaging the teachers of this school for private tution at home. Principal/Headmistress will receive parents between 2.00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m. All meeting must be on prior appoinment.
  • Please make use of the pages in the diary of the students to send any communication to the principal, class teachers or subject teachers. Students are expected to show the communication to the concerned person.
  • When children return from school everyday, Please check if there is any homework / assignment given or if there is any communication of circular to the parents from the school.
  • Parents applying for any special certificates from the school should submit a formal letter with details like name and class of the child, purpose of the certificates etc.
  • Our school provides all textbooks and notebooks for all classes. During the last week of March and the first week of June you will get to know the list of books and notebooks that would be supplied to your child and the amount due for them.
  • Special Instructions For Our Students:


    • Develop your belongingness to the school and utilize the facilities, provided by the school properly.
    • You should come in line along with your classmates for the assembly.
    • You should take part in the assembly programme and CCA atleast once in a year.
    • You should behave politely with your juniors as well as with your seniors.


    • You should bring your lunch to the school. You are not allowed to go home for the lunch.
    • To inculcate the habit of living together, you should have your lunch along with your classmates.


    • You should maintain the cleanliness of the classroom by dropping the waste in the dustbins.
    • You should move in line whenever you go out along with the student to attend the classes for Music, SUPW, PET etc.


    • You should be proud of your school.
    • Your behaviour should bring name and fame to your school.
    • You should maintain discipline not only outside the school campus but also in the public transport.

    Trust Yourself, Be Confident, You Can Achieve Your Target Through Regular Hardwork:

    • Plan up daily time table.
    • Give equal weightage t o each subject.
    • Start your day with difficult subject.
    • Try to understand subject matter and memorize the portion you have studied,
    • Include break time in between each task for short relaxation. Strike off the completed task.
    • Always stick on to your time table.
    • Go through the portion of lesson before a subject starts in the class.
    • At the end of the note, write main points as heading/ summary.


    • Care is taken to ensure that no untoward mishap occurs while the child is with us. However accidents can occur, either on the school premises or while the children are on the school bus or at a picnic for which the school will bear no financial responsibility.
    • Likewise, if there is problem in the city and parents feel that venturing outside the house is risky, they are advised to keep their children at home or leave them at school at their own risk.
    • The Parent / Guardian only has right to take back the child home from the school / bus stop.
    • The Parent / Guardian should immediately inform to the school if there is any delay of their child's arrival after school to home.
    • Costly ornaments are strictly forbidden to wear.
    • For security reason no children is allowed to leave the school without prior permission from the school authorities.

    First Aid And Medical Care:

    • If any child becomes ill during the course of the day, the school shall do everything possible to make them comfortable.
    • First aid is given if the child sustains an accident at school, and the Parents/ Guardians will be informed immediately.
    • If the injury is of serious nature the school will provide the required assistance but will insist the parents to takeover immediately.

    Attendance and Leave Of Absence:

    • Regular attendance is one of the conditions under which a student is admitted. No leave for more than 3 days is granted except in cases of serious sickness or otherwise.
    • Leave of absence for more than 3 days can be availed only on previous written application from the Parents / Guardians for genuine reason.
    • A student who was absent to school without prior written application will not be admitted to attend classes without the Principal's Signature.


    • The school will accept one calendar month's notice for withdrawal of the student.
    • The transfer certificate of a student will be issued only if the student clears all the dues to the school.

    School Uniform:

    KG to III IV and V VI and VII
    BOYS Checked shirt Navy Blue halfpant Checked Shirt Navy Blue half pant Checked Shirt Navy Blue full pant
    GIRLS Checked frock in Navy Blue Navy Blue box pleated skirt + checked shirt (White Ribbon) Checked Chudidhar top and Navy Blue Pant and Over coat (White Ribbon)

    Foot Wear : Sandals (Class KG to IInd) Shoes: (Class III to VIII)
    Yoga Dress : Light Blue Jersey and Navy Blue Track ( I - VIII)
    Sports Dress : House Colour (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue on Every Thursday)

    School Timings

    KG Primary and Secondary (1std and Above)
    First Bell - 8.40 am
    Prayer Time - 8.45 am to 9.00 am
    Class Time 9.15 am to 3.30 pm 9.00 am to 3.50 pm
    Lunch Break 12.00 noon to 12.40 pm 12.00 noon to 12.40 pm