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Early exposure to learning and competition builds confidence and sharpens skills which raise your level from other students on the same platform. ... Competitive exams also help out in choosing a career as students start identifying their areas of interest while getting a deeper knowledge of subjects.

List of Competitive exams to be held in School

1. Olympiad – English, Maths , General Knowledge, Science, Computer Science
2. Green Teri Olympiad
3.Spell Bee
4. Akash Talent Exams.
5.Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan
6. Online Space quiz by Government of India

List of Interschool Competion

1. Education Department – Handwriting, Reading , Elocution competition
2. Sriram illakiya kazhagam Thirukural Vizhaa 2019- Drawing competition
3. Mutharaiyar Higher Scecondary School - Thirukural, Fancy dress, story telling, colouring, drawing, Tamil essay writing, tamil and english Elocution, solo classical dance, english essay writing, craft, rangoli, group dance.
4. Pudhuvai thirukural Mandram and Acharya Kalvi Kuzhumam -tamil Language
5.Chinmaya Chanting
6. ISKON – Drawing
7. Indian Oil Corporation – Drawing and Essay writing .